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Step-by-step application for Erasmus students


1. STEP: Eligibility

You should be a full-time student at your home university.  There should be an Erasmus+ IIA Agreement between your home university and Trakya University. You should be nominated by your university.

 2. STEP: Nomination

Make sure that your University has informed the Erasmus Office of Trakya University about your Erasmus Exchange in Edirne before apply. Contact for nomination:

3. STEP: Application

Please complete the application form and send us by e-mail together with the following documents. We do not accept regular mails.

1-Transcript; Please obtain your recent transcript in English

2-Learning Agreement; You should prepare your learning agreement, which describes the programme of your study abroad.

3-Accommodation Form ; As the accommodation facility in Trakya University is limited, it is not guaranteed to arrange you stay at Edirne before your application has been confirmed by T.U. Erasmus Office

4. Acceptance Letter

We will then send your home university an “Acceptance Letter” by e-mail. You may also need this document for your visa purposes.


Please inform us about your arrival dates before 1 month, contact with your buddy who you will be informed later (after you are nominated to be Erasmus Incoming Student to Trakya University) by Erasmus Office and visit the Erasmus Office after you have arrived to Edirne.


The course registration will take place in the first week of the semester.  Use the Changes Page of the Learning Agreement if you need to make changes to your course selection.


Every exchange student is assigned an academic advisor once the registration is completed. The advisor is responsible for providing academic guidance to an incoming student. He/she monitors the student’s academic development during the exchange period at Trakya University. Before coming, you will be informed about your academic advisor at Trakya University by Erasmus Office.


You aren’t required to pay any tuition fee at Trakya University. However, you have to pay for your own living expenses such as accommodation, travel, educational materials, insurance etc. Any grant or loan you have received at your home institution may not be discontinued, interrupted or reduced while you are away studying at Trakya University.


Please contact the Turkish Consulate in your country and apply for a Student Visa to Turkey once you have received your Acceptance Letter.


All incoming students have to take out a Travel Insurance which valid in Turkey. This Travel Insurance should refund the costs of health care service at abroad. Students can take their insurance when they come to Turkey. Insurance cost is aproximately 450- 500TL  for 6 months.


Newly admitted students, after registration to the University, before the expiry of the visa or visa exemption period (this period is 10 days for those who enter the country with the conditional entry form of residence permit), must apply for a residence permit online (from


Before leaving, you need to visit the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator and Erasmus Office to get yourConfirmation of Exchange Form.


The International Relations Office buddy system is designed to assist newly arrived Erasmus students. The new students are matched up with their buddies. These are students who are already familiar with the university and the city and who can offer support on different topics regarding studying and daily life. Many things are easier when you are not alone. Each buddy is based on the needs and possibilities of the respective partner. Participants can also plan free time activities together.


- Application Form

- Learning Agreement

- Changes to the original Learning Agreement



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