Erasmus Policy Statement

As one of the most innovative and research-oriented Turkish universities in education, research and community outreach, Trakya University values the importance of internationalization and aims to enhance its international profile including European and non-EU countries. Internationalization is one of the spearheads of Trakya University policy, not only as a goal in itself but as an essential component of the instruction and research process. International cooperation is expected to improve the quality of the primary processes. Cooperation with so many institutions under the framework of EU Programmes testifies to this goal. The current internationalization policy plan focuses on the effort to increase mobility; increasing internationalization of curricula; active participation in European research and educational projects, within Erasmus and active participation in Intensive Programmes.
The University has had a good experience in participating to the ERASMUS programme and its delivery of student and staff mobility within Socrates2, LLP, Erasmus+ periods has consistently been above the national average for the Turkey. The University actively encourages our students to participate in EU student exchange programmes and tries to remove barriers. Our University is among the ten most successful universities in the Turkey at the incoming student and incoming staff exchange programme of EU. On the other hand our University recognizes the special needs of disabled students who can assess for all facilities. The Equal Opportunity Policies of the University apply not only to the selection of outgoing students but to the teaching and learning experience of incoming students.
The University recognises a continued close involvement in Erasmus+ as essential to underpin and further develop its European strategy in a dynamic way. Many of the aims outlined in the 2014-2021 programme have been achieved. There is an increased awareness of the European experience, with more of a balance between mobilities and facilities for language training have been greatly improved. The introduction of ECTS in study programmes has facilitated accreditation and the goals under curriculum development have been achieved. The University now plans to consolidate its existing exchange programmes, and to ensure that they meet the Quality Assurance Agency's guidelines on placements. 
Trakya University is going to reach following strategic aims by developing the relationships on regional, national and international level on the scope of Erasmus.
-         International reputation and profile of the university,
-         International curriculum and internationalization experience of students,
-         Internationalization of university employees,
-         International student,
-         International research and information sharing,
-         International graduate network,
-         Internationalized university services.
Turkey's aspirations to join the European Union is the most important modernization goals after the proclamation of the republic. EU membership is a strategic goal and is maintained decisively. EU membership goal means that;
-         to reach more powerful, prosperous, respectable and democratic Turkey
-         raising standards in all areas
-         looking confidently to the future.
With this awareness, our university continues on its way confidently with its cultural activities, projects, scientific congresses, unions that it is a member and founder of. Our university takes important steps to become a part of the European Education Area, which is aimed at establishing resilient societies, creating a sense of belonging and ensuring that people have a European identity with all their diversity. It continues to work with full strength to increase the opportunities of language learning, to increase the number of international students and academicians and to maximize the cooperation with European universities. In this context, our students who are studying in any part of our university have been granted free registration to foreign language preparatory classes. Our university is one of Turkey's leading universities in terms of number of international students There are currently 3,900 international students and continues to work in a determined manner to increase the number to 10,000.

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