Erasmus+ Staff Mobility

Teaching & Training

Teaching Staff Mobility (STA) The Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility enables academic staff spending teaching periods at partner universities in the scope of bilateral agreements staff and also enables non-mobile students to benefit from international lectures. Erasmus teachers contribute substantially to new cooperation activities and international academic networking. 

Staff Training Mobility (STT): The Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility enables not only academic but also administrative staff to visit an Erasmus partner university. This mobility helps staff members strengthen their competencies and make professional exchange with international colleagues. 

Application and Mobility Process for Incoming Staff

Please contact with the Erasmus Coordinator of the department/unit you would like to visit.

When the departmental authorities confirm your visit, our Office will send you an invitation letter by e-mail (if requested, original copy will be sent to your correspondance adress, too).

The Erasmus Office of your home university will probably inform you about filling a Mobility Agreement. Please contact your University’s office. 

On your request, the Office can provide you with a letter of confirmation for your visit. Please contact our Office before leaving.

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